AOLP Committee Leaders

Awards – Chair: Michael Deo, CLVLT, COLD
Works on development and improvement of awards program, assists with judging and looks at all aspects of awards program.

CLVLT – Chair: Ron Carter, CLVLT
Oversees the CLVLT certification program, examination and study guide. Works to update all CLVLT documents and improve the program. (You must be CLVLT certified to participate in the committee.)

COLD - Chair: Scott Williams, CLVLT, COLD
Oversees the COLD certification program. Works to update all COLD documents and improve the program. (You must be COLD certified to participate in the committee.)

Chapters – Chair: Matthew Broyles CLVLT, COLD
Responsible for overseeing the currently established chapters within AOLP by monitoring their activities and guiding them in recruiting new AOLP members. This committee also encourages new chapters to develop.

Communications/Marketing – Chair: Paul Gosselin, Sr., CLVLT
Responsible for oversight of the AOLP newsletter, website, social networking sites and any other communication vehicles utilized to promote the Association and its membership. Some writing and editing responsibilities may be required, as well as frequent visits to the AOLP website and social networking sites.

Conference – Chair: Matthew Broyles, CLVLT, COLD; Co-Chair: Michael Deo, CLVLT
Responsible for oversight of the annual conference including development of program topics and speakers, assistance in recruiting exhibitors and sponsors and promoting the conference for increased attendance.

Membership – Chair: Paul Welty, CLVLT, COLD
Responsible for recruitment and retention of membership, development of membership materials, making regular contact with potential and current members and expanding member benefit programs. Also responsible for looking at formal affiliations with other like‐minded organizations, opening discussions with those groups and obtaining Board approval for the final affiliation agreements.
      Sub-Committees:  Member Benefits and Affiliations Committee

NEC/UL – Chair: Gerry De La Vega, CLVLT

Bylaws & Policy – Chair: Gerry De La Vega, CLVLT

If you are interested in utilizing your skills by participating in any of the above committees, please fill out the volunteer form and submit to or 717-238-9985. We look forward to working with you!

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